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A house is hard to find!Auto show economic detonated hotel peak

Date: 2017-04-20

A few days ago, the 17th session of Shanghai international auto industry exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai auto show"), in the Shanghai area of hotel occupancy peak.

Based on ctrip, with tourism, cheng way such large cattle, donkeys mother statistics show that during the 2017 Shanghai auto show, the pavilion hotel reservation tension surrounding the high, many hotels have been booked up, Shanghai's hotel booking situation than the same period last month more than 50% growth, especially along the metro lines and surrounding the national convention center in Shanghai hotel, where many have already been booked, and usually have obvious amplitude ratio of the hotel.

Public information, as one of the world's largest auto show, the Shanghai auto show attracted from 18 countries and regions, more than 1000 well-known enterprises at home and abroad.The auto show is expected to attract 1 million visitors.

The first finance and economics, the reporter understands, a large number of people in Shanghai, the prosperity of the auto show economic resurgence, combined with the auto show this year peng, wang and other star presence, involves the booth income, automotive product orders, and surrounding the exhibition catering, accommodation, transportation, shopping, fans economy related services, etc.

Many passengers said participants in the Shanghai auto show, many enterprises and auto enthusiasts can consider ahead of schedule including hotel reservation, surrounding the exhibition, the price is right and location convenient hotels have already difficult to get, can only settle for second best, will live a bit further away.

Ctrip said, at the Shanghai auto show, thanks to all parts of the country audience demand of the hotel, Shanghai hotel bookings will be rapid growth over the previous year, the pavilion hotel near in high demand, often appear "hard to get a room", this year is no exception.

With tourist hotel group, said cheng hotel Shanghai became concerned hot word, after the users' search, consulting and reservation of the hotel has increased sharply, as the auto show, Shanghai local hotels especially show the hotel around "one room is hard to find.

From the point of time, after the qingming festival small long vacation, Shanghai hotel has been booked for peak.According to ctrip big data show that in the year to April 12, the most popular around the pavilion hotel, bookings rose more than 70%, many popular hotel nearly full room state basically.At the same time, in the auto show, the Shanghai market as a whole the hotel high heat.

In addition, then will usher in "May Day" holiday.As popular origin and destination of tourism, hotel reservation in Shanghai heat rising, some popular hotel bookings and the prices are different degree rise, some prices are relatively large.Popular hotel bookings and prices rise.

Notable is, according to customer's booking data showed that more consumers focus on housing quality, favored at high star hotel accounts for more than 40%.At the same time, the popular hotel area is similar to last year's auto show, mainly concentrated in the pavilion 5 kilometers in the hotel.

Tour operators hint, the national convention center (Shanghai) is close to metro line 2 xu hengjing station, which means take the subway to direct the pavilion.So, failed to make a reservation for hotel near to the pavilion consumers, still can choose the hotel along the metro lines, enjoying convenient traffic and affordable price.At present, zhongshan park, jing an temple, xujiahui area hotel heat is very high.