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Shanghai hosts 19th Auto Race

Date: 2012-12-06

The 19th Auto Race Competition was successfully held at the Shanghai Tianma Circuit on Nov 11.

The automobile competition was divided into four groups in accordance with the emission of the vehicles, namely the Superdrivers Group, Group A, Group B and Group C. Fourty-two vehicles participated altogether. The vehicle models in the low-emission category include the Suzuki 1.5L, Swift 1.3L and Panda 1.3L. The high-emission category saw Peugeot, Elantra and BMW competitors.

The Group C motor home competition was extremely fierce. Most drivers in Group C were new trainees. They displayed radical behavior in controlling their vehicles. There were two consecutive collisions during the competition. After the competition resumed, drivers fought vigorously for the lead. Finally, contestant 73, Jin Bian of the Duobiao motorcade, won the championship with a slight advantage by taking the lead in the last two laps.

Shanghai hosts 19th Auto Race

Shanghai hosts 19th Auto Race

In the Superdrivers Group competition, contestant Zhang Shengjun from the DNT motorcade also won the championship though he had to replace his vehicle as a result of a pre-race emergency. Contestant Xu Hu from DNT motorcade ranked first place in Group A with the most striking Mini car in the whole circuit. The veteran driver Lu Zifang from Duobiao motorcade won the Group B championship with an apparent advantage.

The motorcycle competition was divided into seven groups, namely Footstep Group A and B, Mini Group, Motorcycle Super Group A and B, and Group 150cc A and B. Sixty-five motorcycles participated altogether. The youngest contestant, 18-year-old Zhu Haitao, and contestant Li Chenggang, who was born in 1975, took part in the competition again after leaving the circuit 7 years ago. Both contestants participated in the Footstep Group B competition.

Drivers from Shanghai 51 Car Racing Club accounted for a large number of contestants in the 150cc Group competition. As a starting point for those just entering motorcycle racing, the 150cc Group competition has become a trial test for many new drivers.

Numerous car owners thought highly of the competition. The competition also helped car owners better understand safe driving tactics.

(Source: Chinadaily)