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NT cash counter exchange on April 2 start at Shanghai

Date: 2013-04-03

LONDONApril 3news: NTcashcounterexchangeyesterday inShanghaito start.East Cantonreportersyesterdayto experiencea newmechanismtobringtourists to TaiwanTaiwan Dollarexchangethe convenience andbenefits.

9:00, the reportercame to theShanghai branch ofthe Bank of Taiwanbusiness hall, I sawa lot of peoplewho heardthe firstdirectcross-straitexchangeNTDcash.Wu Qiangtellerwarmly receivedreporters.

Reporter: I want tobuyNTprocedures to do whatitdoes?

Wu Qiang: You justputyoursecond generation ID cardto submit, and thenreloadinganapplicationto purchase foreign exchange,you can go toapply forthe cashcounters.

Reporter: Sonowis the exchange rate?

Wu Qiang:is4.997.

Reporter:Thisrateis not more thanthe words ofthe airportI went to Taiwanto buyitcheaper?

Wu Qiang: Yes.Becauseour sideis morefavorable.

TellerWang Yingmingasideto remindreporters thatTaiwanwill be included inthe purchaseyear,mainland residentsto purchase foreign exchangeamountnomore than 50,000 U.S. dollars, andthe amount ofdailyexchangehas an upper limit.

【As acontinentof people, then,one dayonly forNT $60,000yuan,equivalent toRMB12,750or so, depending on thetimelyexchange rate.

Reporterssoonafter finishing the procedures, go tothe cashwindowexchange,banksdo not likein thepurchase ofNTreservations in advance, you canpickchange, andcan be exchanged forthe same amount ofyuantomoreNT.

In addition to directcash exchangeto individualsoutside ofTaiwan,Bank of Taiwanwith the mainlandis also13Chinese banksapproachedthemas aclearing banktosupplyNTcash,through theseagentsto expandTaiwan-funded bankscashcounterexchange business.