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Aspect public festival Events

Date: 2013-08-20

● Third Pudong Pudong Arts Festival · Choral Festival Finals

Time: at 13:00 on August 25th

Location: Pudong New Area Culture and Arts Guidance Center (Yingchun Road No. 324)

August 10, 11 days after the Pudong cluster file system rematch Choral Festival, August 25, will be held in Pudong New Area, Pudong Shanghai citizens Choral Festival Final and Culture Festival Music Competition trials, then, the organizers will work with Man Group, Party Committee, Federation of Trade Unions, education, military and other lines of 22 teams for evaluation, the final 12 will be selected to participate in the public good choir festival Music Contest.

● Old Old Movies - Old Shanghai Postcard Exhibition

Time: August 15 to December 15

Location: Minhang District Museum Hall (No. 85 names ChunShen Culture Square)

Postcard 1870s swept the world and also came to Shanghai. Republic of China, Shanghai has become the largest export gateway to international mail, and access to a large number of messages in the port of Shanghai, a few postcards sent overseas, postcards, Shanghai became the world know one important way. The exhibition displays more than 200 Zhanglao postcards, they use the old light stitching the once busy Postman old Shanghai.

● "Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition" Past Winners Exhibition

Time: From now until August 20

Location: Jiading District Museum (Yumin Road, Jiading District, 1288)

The exhibition on the previous "Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition," the Gold Awards were concentrated display. Since 1986, Shanghai International Photographic Art has organized 27 sessions, with black and white photographs from the first session of the Eleventh appeared mainly to the large number of electronic Creative Photography, Electronic Imaging photography, from documentary photography to art photography, exhibition show photographers use film to use modern digital technology photography graded course.

● About Indoor classical concerts

Time: August 20 14:00-16:00

Location: Dapuqiao community cultural centers (Mengzi Road, No. 223)

The concert will play "Haydn Serenade", "Mozart's Serenade for Strings," "Andante Cantabile", "Boccherini Minuet" and other classic classical music, will also be invited to make live classical music conductor to explain , such as various instrument sounds and their mutual separation.

● "Fumin Nancy vitality summer" cool air will

Time: August 23 14:00-16:00

Location: Wujiang Leisure Street

The cool evening will include community aunt who directed the cha cha, and ventriloquist, a large magic, comic, an acrobatic skills, dance earth, catwalk models and so on.

● Xuhui Summer - 2013 Xuhui District Cultural summer touring caravans into community activities

Time: August 15 to August 30

Location: Xuhui each community cultural center, plaza, barracks, site

Xuhui District Cultural caravan will enter the community settlements, the area around the construction site, the presence of armed forces camps, etc., bring their dancing, singing, drama, folk art and other content, performance types include "integrated field" and "special activity" two kind. Comprehensive field made by the various types of programming, every 90 minutes, the menu, there are various cultural programs 15 and let the community pick; special events contains special class opera, choral class concert, comedy comic special.