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Shanghai International Marathon what cards he took the fight to have the title but the story

Date: 2013-11-25

Editor's Note 2013 Shanghai International Marathon will be held on December 1 issued gun. In recent years many cities are keen marathon became one of the activities organized last year, there are 30 cities have held a Marathon. Internationally, some cities in recent years, the rise of the marathon fever.

Has entered the 18th year of the Shanghai International Marathon, how many of the world marathon amidst its own characteristics? The newspaper today published two articles, from different angles to explore.

Earlier this year, Shanghai International Marathon double celebration. Not only once again won the gold medal annual Chinese marathon race, and was rated first IAAF Gold Label road race events.

Shanghai International Marathon to catch up with the new coordinates - the six most famous international marathon: Berlin, Boston, London, New York, Chicago and Tokyo Marathon. Shanghai International Marathon in relation to the city like Shanghai, as in the marathon world community has its own unique position.

Well, the first stop is not the title of the Shanghai Marathon to build, what should hit what brand?

Six tournament has a story

Rich world famous Marathon has its own story. It can be said, the city created a marathon stories make marathon brilliant.

Spacious flat and relatively straight track line, so that the Berlin Marathon to become the world's most likely a result of Marathon; Boston Marathon is not only the world's first city marathon, there is a one the world's oldest, hardest running track; London Marathon has a unique "love" property, 33 years, total contributions raised nearly £ 600 million; New York City Marathon is huge, more than 100,000 participants at the most, through the New York crowd even when a large bridge deck was moved, and can be described as massive, spectacular scenes; Chicago Marathon, with excellent event management, as well as for ordinary players attentive care known.

Tokyo Marathon biggest feature is the audience enthusiastically. Almost each event, along the audience more than 120 million people, or nearly 200 million people at the most, a few times in the contestants.

Shanghai to demonstrate their

Shanghai Marathon to be among the world's top ranks, should also have their own stories. With the Municipal Sports Bureau Li Yuyi's words, the city of Shanghai itself is the best story, "Shanghai International Marathon is the largest Shanghai Landscape Sport. 42 km, be sure to Shanghai urban development and historical and cultural depth of the show to the world."

Savor the Shanghai International Marathon track, you will find it is a Shanghai "open history": granite building on the Bund buildings, leaving a ten foreign market of light and shadow; Jinling Road arcade, is the old style sea memories; Nanjing Road, recording the "First Street" downtown; Jing'an Temple, Shanghai century classic portrayal; Shanghai Xuhui Riverside sketched out plans for the future; endpoints Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai sports is a landmark building.

Cultural landscape of many Chinese cities marathon short board, on the "modern" bulk copy makes thousands of city side. But Shanghai Marathon unashamedly, because Shanghai can inject enough for his marathon cultural connotations.

Committed to openness and internationalization

"Launched" how to tell the story? In fact, has been very clear: an open stance, Chen Xiang will be a long period of "Shanghai Story" meanders. So, how to attract the world to listen to this story?

"Launched" to learn marketing. To sell yourself, first of all rely on hard power. "Launched" two consecutive years to maintain the domestic three "highest": the proportion of foreign participants, prize, the highest finish. Last year, from 76 countries and regions, more than 5,000 foreign contestants, the total enrollment of the sixth. "Launched" China is undoubtedly the most international marathon.

Although mature year after year, but in some of the "Big Brother" in front, "launched" still need to learn from. For example, the Boston Marathon medical information, a detailed list of each player's responsibilities, including consulting a doctor before the game, according to weather forecast proper drinking water, etc.; Tokyo Marathon has joined the ranks of doctors, easy to deal with emergency situations. Since its inception, the Tokyo Marathon has not been a case of fatal accidents occur, a miracle. Last year's New York Marathon, the man reached $ 200,000 prize, women's champion $ 170,000. Other famous tournament prize also mostly more than 100,000 U.S. dollars, Shanghai Marathon appeal against top players yet to be strengthened.

In fact, "launched" self-promotion work has been done, the organizing committee for many years to carry out cultural exchanges and international cooperation, with many marathon cities to establish a cooperative relationship, so that more and more of the world road race enthusiasts know "launched . " Last year, the number of sister cities of Marathon representatives to Shanghai, Rhône-Alpes, France sent a 70-man team is a special trip to Shanghai to participate.

San Francisco Marathon Organizing Committee Deputy Director Wendy said: "As a large city, with so many people and a lot of the 'international residents' top economic conditions and material basis, warm temperate climate, the best road race conditions ...... Shanghai can hold a world-class marathon. "