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Traditional international financial center of Shanghai financial with the Internet

Date: 2014-08-04

In mid-july the sixth brics summit, China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa officially announced the formation of the brics development Banks, this is seen as emerging market version of the world bank and international monetary fund, headquarters is based in Shanghai.The construction of Shanghai international financial center, is a status display.
And it can be compared, it is Shanghai principle in late July through "about promoting the healthy development of the Internet financial industry in the city several opinions.In the brics bank headquarters, manifests the Shanghai international pattern in the financial breakthrough;And with the Internet financial, it manifests the Shanghai breakthroughs in the financial industry.Follow these two things, notably Shanghai to improve the study of international financial centre.
Internet financial has multiple meanings, but from the perspective of industrial innovation, it can be understood as the Internet brings to the financial sector "decentralized" form.With third-party payment, peer-to-peer (P2P), such as the raise of Internet finance, or directly or indirectly, begin to change the traditional finance as the core of pattern such as Banks, brokers, deduce the past hard to imagine that "no bank banking".In this sense, the Internet financial grafting is not only the financial sector of the Internet technology, but also have independent spirit kernel industry form.
Focus on the development of the Internet financial Shanghai, is a master forward-looking layout in thefuture.To promote Internet financial industry in Shanghai: "want to break the mindset, avoid using traditional industry development view of the financial industry, the Internet, must not look down on" fake "and" grassroots', or to new things timid, hesitant in missed opportunities."This means that the traditional financial old Shanghai kohler, determined to do new modern financial innovation.